Welcome to Tiny Tots South Natomas
A place where children's imagination is supported and not stifled, where every child is an explorer, every day an adventure. Cleverly engineered Imagination Stations and carefully designed curricula invite your child to play. The building blocks of science, music, math, art and language are explored in a hands-on interactive environment. Tiny Tots South Natomas  is a place where teachers are the guides to a world of possibilities. A world that believes in the goodness of people, in the joy of knowledge, in the security of community, and the importance of dreams.
Welcome to Tiny Tots  , where learning is child's play.

Creative  Learning
Affordable Quality Care 
 Developing Leaders 
Daily using  unique and fresh teaching strategies to ignite  early literacy, logical thinking, problem solving, social understanding, physical coordination, creativity , positive character traits and second language aquisition; into the mind of your early learner .
South Natomas is the only site offering a New Kindergarten Readiness Session!   Guiding  young learners as they gain the skills and experiences they need on the path of  lifelong learning.
All instructors are nurturing ,  qualified and expreienced in working with young children. In addition they possess EMSA and Early Child Development Certifications. Daily providing exceptional care to children while fostering  each childs development in an academic rich enviornment.
The Winning Approach

Tiny Tots South Natomas believes that young children learn best through hands-on experiences with people, materials, events and ideas. 
Our goal is to shape the program around the children, rather than fitting the children into the program.

Our curriculum is integrated throughout the classroom. And  uniquely designed with family engagment tools builing a partnership between home and school.

Our themes are introduced through group time and stories, and then carried through their art projects, games, songs, and play.  Meanwhile developing your child's school readiness and pro-social beahvior.